Dear Students,

we the student council, Fachschaft VWL, are organising a running dinner for you. It will be on the 6th of Dezember 2023, 7pm. 

How does a running dinner work:

  • First: Find a partner or sign up without a partner (if you sign up without a partner we home to pair you with a partner)
  • You will come together as a group of two people and cook one dish.  You will either be assigned to cook a starter, main dish or desert for six people
  • The running starts: You will meet at a group´s house which prepared a starter
    – You will meet at 7pm at the persons home (you will get an e-mail with the address where you meet)
  • After the first course you rotate to another groups house to eat the main dish (new groups come together: you will stay together with your cooking partner, but you will meet with new pairs for each course)
  • Finally, you rotate to end the evening at a house that prepared desert
    You will eat the meal that you prepared at your home with four other people

Some suggestions for preparing a meal

  • Keep in mind that if you prepare a main dish, you will be at someone else’s house for the starter, prepare something that can be heated up quickly.
  • Be prepared to cook either veetarian or vegan

We wish you a lot of fun. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask us via email ( or Instagram (fs.vwl.heidelberg).

Your Fachschaft VWL

Note: If you already have a partner, both of you have to sign up, you can add your partners name.

    Full Name





    Address (if you have a partner, please enter the Address where you will be cooking)

    Do you have space for six people in your apartment?

    Do you already have a partner? If yes, please enter your partners name.


    Allergies and Itolerances


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