Excursion to Rotterdam

Date: 02.-04.06.2023
Departure (estimated): 07:15 at Campus Bergheim
Costs: 70€ incl. breakfast

Conditions of registration


  • The trip costs 70 euros of self-contribution
  • Food is not fully included. The “Fachschaft” organizes a breakfast at the hostel. You have the opportunity to bring food (the hostel provides a fridge, accessible to all) or eat at local restaurants (the hostel is centrally located).
  • On May 8th/9th you will be notified if you can participate. 
  • When you receive a confirmation, please pay by bank transfer until May 12th 4pm to “Studierendenrat der Uni Heidelberg”. You will receive further information on who to address and how to label your payment with your confirmation.
  • We do not send reminders. If you pay too late you might lose your spot.
  • If you have to withdraw from the trip (e.g. due to illness) inform us promptly at: We will try to nominate a substitute. If you have to cancel at very short notice, you can also nominate an Economics student yourself and send us the contact details of this person via the e-mail provided. If no one can be successfully nominated, the self-contribution can not be refunded. 
  • You may receive a partial refund of your self-contribution after the excursion. We ask for this part so that we can cover possible additional costs. The refund will be made in equal parts to all participants, but only if the balance exceeds 5 euros per person. 

Personal Information

    Full Name


    (Preferably your Uni-Mail, otherwise make sure to check your Spam folder!)
    Mobile number

    (We will create a WhatsApp and a signal group for quick clarification of questions in advance and in Rotterdam. Providing your phone number is voluntary, but makes communication easier for us.)

    Which group?

    Emergency Contact


    Dietary preferences



    I hereby agree to the conditions of participation

    Packing List

    What you need to bring: 

    • validated student card
    • ID, or passport (non EU-citizens)

    What you do not need to bring: 

    • Towels
    • Bed sheets

    If you have any further questions, please contact us at